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Renting an Excavator

Published : September 23, 2022

In the past, excavators were mainly used for huge construction or roadwork projects. However, thanks to the development of equipment like the mini excavator and a variety of excavator attachments, these machines have become commonplace at both commercial and residential job sites. 

Excavators are basically vehicles with large buckets which you can use like a shovel at the end of a hydraulic arm. They provide great maneuverability and allow the operator to rotate the house and arm in a complete circle. Add excavator attachments like an auger or a hammer and you’ve got versatile equipment that can tackle a range of tasks. 

These machines are great for any job size. Discount Lift Rentals can help you find the perfect excavator for your project just about anywhere in the United States! Whether you’re in charge of new building construction or are embarking on a home landscaping project, our team has the expertise you need to find the best equipment rental at the best price. Consider us your personal concierge for all things rental equipment! 

Before you start searching for “How much do excavators cost?” and “Machinery rentals near me,” let Discount Lift Rentals help you determine whether an excavator is the right tool for your job. The first step is learning to use one so you’re comfortable with your equipment rental. 

Using an Excavator

Before placing your rental order, familiarize yourself with how to drive an excavator. After all, you don’t want to find the perfect excavator for rent if you aren’t comfortable operating it! Although each excavator will be a bit different, most are controlled by joysticks and driven by said joystick or foot pedals.

Keep in mind that excavators are large machines that can be dangerous if you don’t know how to operate them. Always follow current excavator safety guidelines to keep your jobsite safe. Once you’re familiar with how to safely operate an excavator, you can move on to choosing the right one for your project! 

Choosing an Excavator 

Excavators are available in a range of sizes. When you choose an excavator for rent, you’ll need to provide some key information so Discount Lift Rentals can help you find the best equipment rental. Ask yourself a few questions to narrow down the machine size you’ll need: 

  • How deep are you digging? This determines the excavator’s reach. 
  • What material or debris are you lifting? You’ll need this information to choose the right excavator bucket size. 
  • What surface will you work on? Different machines are better for rough versus smooth terrain. 
  • How big is your work area? A mini excavator is perfect for small areas, but huge job sites might require a larger model. 

With this information, our concierge service will identify the horsepower, reach, excavator bucket size, and excavator attachments that’ll make your life—and your project—easy.

When to Use a Mini Excavator

The mini excavator has become a popular machinery rental option for residential and commercial projects. They’re great for small spaces and powerful enough for outdoor jobs.

A three-ton mini excavator could be ideal for your project. Thanks to their maneuverability in tight areas and their approximately twenty-four-inch bucket size, this machine can quickly dig out a yard in preparation for a landscaping project or to install a sprinkler system. 

Mini excavators aren’t just for residential use. Many construction projects use them as well! Workers dig trenches for electricians and plumbers to run cables and water lines before concrete is poured for a new building. 

Although the mini excavator is perfect for many jobs, larger projects need the added reach and horsepower of a mid sized excavator. 

When to Use a Mid Sized Excavator 

Midi (or mid size) excavators are the next size up from mini excavators. They’re more powerful than mini excavators and have a longer reach, so they can dig deeper. However, they’re still compact enough to fit into small areas. 

You might use a midi excavator to dig out a basement for a new housing development or to break ground for a new building using various excavator attachments. If your project is too large for the available mini excavators for rent, a six-ton or nine-ton midi excavator could be your answer. And if you’re embarking on a huge commercial construction project, a large excavator might be the best tool. 

When to Use a Large Excavator

Large excavators are mostly used for commercial construction projects. They’re enormous machines that can fill a dump truck with just a few scoops! 

These excavators for rent range from fourteen tons all the way up to thirty-one tons. Since they can span about twelve-foot wide and weigh more than 52,000 pounds, they might require additional training to operate than smaller excavators. 

Discount Lift Rentals will help you identify the right size excavator for your project. Then we’ll help you find the available excavator attachments for your rental to increase the machine’s versatility. 

Choosing Excavator Attachments for Your Job 

Think an excavator is just a giant scoop on the end of an arm? Think again! You can get a variety of excavator attachments to make the machine more versatile. Here are a few excavator attachments that Discount Lift Rentals can source for you:

  • Auger for digging post holes 
  • Hammer to break up rock or concrete 
  • Hydraulic thumb to help you pick up and move heavy material 
  • Compaction wheel to compact and level your surface 

Once Discount Lift Rentals has helped you choose the best excavator and excavator attachments, it’s time to answer that all-important question: How much do excavators cost? In addition to finding the best machine for you, we’ll make sure it fits your budget. 

How Much Do Excavators Cost to Rent?

Excavator rental cost depends on factors like machine size, excavator attachments, and timeline.

Construction jobs sometimes take longer than anticipated, and renting an excavator day by day can add up quickly. Fortunately, you can save money the longer you plan to rent. While the price of a one- or four-week rental might seem pricey compared to the single-day cost, you can actually save money when you rent for weeks instead of days! 

When you partner with Discount Lift Rentals for your machinery rental, the price you see is the price you pay. Your freight and taxes are included! Your construction project might incur some unexpected delays, but you won’t incur any unexpected fees. 

Save on Excavator Rentals with Discount Lift Rentals

From three ton mini excavators to huge thirty one ton equipment, Discount Lift Rentals will find the perfect machinery rental for your project. Our team won’t just set you up with the best excavator for the best price; we’ll manage the rental project so you don’t have to. 

Call and let us help you figure out which excavator is best for you. Ask how you can save up to 50 percent (or more!) with weekly and four week pricing!

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