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Finding the Right Forklift

Published : October 5, 2022

From loading and unloading freight for heavy construction, forklifts are vital links in a variety of projects. When the time comes to choose a forklift, the project environment, forklift capacity for height and weight, and shipping costs all come into play. 

The right forklift can handle anything from tight workspaces to inclement weather and unusual load-bearing angles, but no one forklift can do everything. That’s why Discount Lift Rentals is your best nationwide choice for finding the forklift most suited to your project. Let us help you choose a forklift and avoid the most common mistakes.

Choosing the Right Forklift

Forklifts are self-contained vehicles used to move, raise, lower, or remove large objects. The most common models available from a forklift rental service are warehouse forklifts, industrial forklifts, and telehandlers. Choosing a forklift is all about knowing your project’s requirements. 

Forklift Capacity

Load weight and how high it needs to be lifted are two of the most important things to think of when you are considering a forklift rental. Standard industrial and warehouse forklifts can safely lift between 5,000 and 15,000 pounds straight up and down to a height of 15 feet. There are industrial forklifts that will lift a heavier load; however, those are less available. Telehandler forklifts are rough terrain forklifts that can lift 5,000 to 20,000 pounds up 19 to 54 feet vertically with an additional horizontal range of 11 to 42 feet. Telehandlers are also called reach forklifts because of the way the arm reaches up and out instead of just vertically.

Bigger isn’t always better when considering forklift sizes. More powerful machines command a more powerful price tag, and forklift sizes should never exceed the tightest dimensions of your workspace. Don’t try to force a forklift into a job it’s not optimized for! Finding a balance between size and strength is vital to getting the most out of your forklift rental. 

Forklift Accessories

Your project location helps determine the best forklift tires and fuel. Industrial forklifts and warehouse forklifts come equipped with non marking tires optimized for indoor use while telehandlers have rough terrain tires for rugged terrain. Standard forklifts are propane powered (allowing indoor operation) while telehandlers are gas and diesel-powered. You should avoid using the same forklift for indoor and outdoor projects.

Forklift Weight

The more powerful the forklift, the larger and heavier it is. Weight is not necessarily a downside, especially when you need the weight of the machine to counterbalance its load, but be aware that extra weight can mean extra shipping cost.

Our industrial forklifts are optimized for warehouses, but telehandlers need special consideration. Make sure that the ground can handle your machine’s tonnage. The last thing you want is to drive on a patch of unsuitable ground and have your forklift sink into the muck or cause other damage.

What to Expect When Renting a Forklift

You’ve considered your project needs and understand how to choose a forklift. Now that you know the basics, what can you expect from your rental experience?

Forklift Maintenance

Minimize maintenance by avoiding one of the most common mistakes—using improper fuel. Be careful not to put gas inside diesel machines or diesel inside gas machines. Propane forklifts can be rented with an extra tank for easy fuel swapping. We supply all our diesel and gas forklifts with a full tank of fuel that can be easily refueled via a gas station. Fuel mistakes can be very expensive to repair, and that cost is put onto the customer. 

When renting a forklift, do all you can to avoid the need for maintenance. If your machine does act up, call our customer support for personal professional assistance.

Certified Forklift Operators

Forklifts are powerful tools, and safe, responsible operation requires proper training. Make sure your team is large enough to supervise operations and that all forklift operators are fully certified. Not only does uncertified forklift operation risk injury and damage, but an OSHA representative or a general contractor can ask forklift operators on a job site to produce their license at any time. You don’t want to get caught operating without certification! 

Proof of license is not required to rent a forklift, but it is very strongly recommended to have an updated one handy. Prior to rental, DLR requires that all customers sign a contract and pay a damage waiver with the option to add us as additionally insured to your current liability insurance. Doing this would allow us to waive the fee for the damage waiver and liability would be covered by your insurance. Individuals under 18 years of age are prohibited from operating a forklift. The best plan is to know what you’re doing. Take the time to get licensed and join the ranks of certified forklift operators. 

Forklift Rental Costs

Forklift rental costs are influenced by transport and fuel prices. Freight service costs vary based on variables like total distance from the project location. DLR’s usual base rate for a warehouse forklift can range from $265 to $630, but that doesn’t include fuel, taxes, and other expenses. If you’re quoted $600 for a rental, don’t forget that things outside of the company’s control can come up at any time.

Extended rentals are a good option for big projects because they cut down on transport fees and offer better rates. DLR offers special weekly and four week rental packages that can save you up to 74% on your rental. Be sure to ask your representative about ongoing deals when placing your order.

Available Forklift Options

Even if you feel confident in your project requirements, understand the available forklifts, and know what to expect from your rental experience, sifting through your options can become overwhelming. Fortunately, DLR is ready to help you navigate the ins and outs of our forklift rental service.

Discount Lift Rentals Is Your Forklift Concierge

DLR is here to make your forklift rental service experience as simple as possible. Just select the equipment that you want to rent from our rentals page and request a quote. We’ll take it from there! We’ll contact you to gather a bit more information about your project, so we know we’re recommending the best machine for the job based on your needs. 

Your forklift will arrive fully fueled and maintained. Every piece of equipment we supply is tested against a checklist to make sure it arrives at your site clean, functional, and safe. With nationwide coverage, our forklift rental service provides swift solutions that keep your project moving forward.

Let’s Get Lifting

Whether you’re a seasoned forklift operator with plenty of dirt under your nails or a newcomer looking for a helping hand, we have you covered. Finding the forklift you need won’t be a hassle when you choose Discount Lift Rentals for your forklift rental needs!

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