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Boom Lift Rentals

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Boom lift rental are a key product at Discount Lift Rentals. They are a family-owned and operated nationwide boom lift rental company. Giving you excellent service and low prices on boom lift rentals from 30 feet to 185 feet.

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What is a boom lift?

A boom lift is a piece of rental equipment with a man basket at the end of an arm. The basket is big enough for people and tools to work. The operator controls the boom lift from the bucket using a group of switches and joysticks. A boom lift is not designed to lift equipment like a crane.

A boom lift can be mounted on a self-propelled machine, truck, van or trailer. The arm can rotate 360 degrees giving you a wide range of motion; the length of the boom arm varies from 30 to 185 feet. As the length of your arm increases the base must also increase in size and weight to give stability and security. When we talk about boom lifts and boom lift rental, we are only referring to the self-propelled boom lift rental. Discount lift rentals do not rent truck, van or towable boom lifts.

What are Boom Lift sizes?

Self-propelled boom lifts come in many sizes. Discount Lift Rentals rents small 30-foot electric boom lift to huge 185-foot diesel boom lifts and everything in between.

What are the types of Boom Lifts?

There are two types of boom lifts articulating boom lift and telescopic boom lift.  A telescopic boom lift uses a straight arm, and an articulated boom lift has a bend in the middle.

The telescopic boom lift has an advantage because of the more substantial capacity. Most telescopic boom lifts have a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds.

An articulated lift has better up and over capability.  The bend in the arm gives more versatility. You can work closer to the building and can often use smaller machines.

How To Find The Best Boom Lift To Rent?

You always start with how high you need to reach or the working height. Take your working height and minus six feet, giving you the platform height. Many customers pay too much because they order the wrong size. Once you have your platform height, you need to answer a few simple questions. There is a significant jump in price from the 40-foot boom lift to the 60-foot boom lift.

Are you working indoors or outdoors?

Are you working on concrete/ asphalt or dirt, grass or gravel?

Do you need to go through doors or get into tight areas?

Do you need to get up and over an obstacle?

Call our friendly staff and tell them your platform height and your working conditions and we will match you with the best scissor lift rental for your need.

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