Your perfect lift rental

Published : February 5, 2021
Let us know what kind of equipment you need to get ahead! Certain jobs will require different types of equipment.

Boom lifts can be very handy for both small and large jobs. A straight boom arm goes up and out. Allowing you to reach an area farther away from the base of the lift. A straight boom lift would get the job done if you need to park the lift a distance away from the area you are working on such as a light post or telephone wire.
An articulating boom will help maneuver around certain structures. For example, this equipment would help if you needed to reach the top of a church steeple because the arm would go straight up and then bend to reach out where the roof goes up on an incline.

If you are doing work such as installing a window or painting a mural, and you can get the lift directly up to the building, you can use an electric or rough terrain scissor lift to get your job done. Which of these pieces of equipment you would use depends on the terrain you are working on. (electric = flat surface such as concrete, gas/diesel equipment = rough terrain such as grass, gravel, dirt). 

I hope this helped and please let us know if you have any questions on the kind of equipment you need to use!

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