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Telehandler Rentals

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Discount Lift Rentals, is your best place to find all your reach forklift rental needs.  We are a family owned and operated nationwide telehandler rental and reach forklift company.  We give you great service and low prices.

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What is a Telehandler or Reach Forklift or Boom Forklift?

The answer is simple they are all the same thing.  It as the name says.  It is a forklift the can reach or boom out.  A forklift can lift a load straight up and down.  A reach forklift can boom out as much as 55 feet.  That is the up and out reach.  If you went straight out it would tip over.  Most reach forklift rentals range from the 5519 to the 1255.  The 5519 is a small boom forklift and it can lift 5,500 pounds and reach 19 feet.  The 1255 is a 12,000 pound reach forklift that can boom out 55 feet.  You can get larger ones if you have the right need.  Xtreme Manufacturing makes the XR7038.  The XR7038 lifts 70,000 pounds and reaches 38 feet.  It is the largest reach forklift in North America.

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