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Scissor Lift Rentals

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Discount Lift Rentals, is your best place to find all your scissor lift rental needs.  We are a family owned and operated nationwide scissor lift rental company.  We give you great service and low prices.

Call today for the best prices on scissor lift rentals near you.
What is a scissor lift?
A scissor lift is an elevator that drives around.  It is an aerial work platform set on a stack of scissoring arms.  The scissor lift mainly uses hydraulics to raise and lower the platform.  Some manufactures have tried to use pneumatics, screws and other ways to raise and lower the platform.  Self propelled scissor lifts uses either electric or hydraulic motors.  Even fueled powered scissor lifts use hydraulic motors to drive the machines.
What is the most popular scissor lift?
The most popular scissor lift rental is the 19 foot electric scissor lift.  It is a compact lift about 32” wide and about 90” long.  It will go through a standard man door.  The 19’ scissor lift will put your feet about 19 feet giving you a working height of 25 feet.
How To Find The Best Scissor Lift To Rent?
You always start with how high you need to reach or the working height.  Take your working height and minus six feet.  This will give you your platform height.  Many customers pay too much because they order the wrong size.  Once you have your platform height you need to answer a few simple questions.

Are you working indoors or outdoors?
Are you working on concrete/ asphalt or dirt, grass or gravel?
Do you need to go through doors or get into tight areas?

Call our friendly staff and tell them your platform height and your working conditions and we will match you with the best scissor lift rental for you need.

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