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Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Rentals

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Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Rentals

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Discount Lift Rentals, is the best place to find all sizes of rough terrain scissor lift rental.  Family owned and operated nationwide rough terrain scissor lift rental company.  You get great 4.8 star service and low prices.
What is a Rough Terrain Scissor Lift?
A rough terrain scissor lift is an aerial work platform that can drive on terrain that is not concrete or asphalt.  Most people looking for a rough terrain scissor lift rental usually want to drive on dirt, gravel, mud or grass.
What Rough Terrain DOES NOT MEAN.

RT Scissor Lift will still get stuck.
RT Scissor Lift must be on a flat solid surface of the machine will not go up.
Not all RT Scissor Lifts are 4X4.  RT scissor lifts are 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.

Are you working indoors or on concrete?  Rough terrain scissor lift rental use a gas or diesel engine and can not be used indoors.  In special cases

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