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Understanding Electric Booms

Published : September 7, 2022

Construction jobs and warehouse projects come with all sorts of challenges. Often, your workers need to reach areas that are obstructed by support beams, warehouse racking, or other materials and debris. Plus, your team must overcome expenses on the job, including equipment fuel and maintenance. That’s where an electric boom lift comes in!

Fortunately, Discount Lift Rentals can source the perfect electric boom lift for your project. Instead of wasting your valuable time searching for “boom lift rentals near me,” call our team of experts. We specialize in electric construction equipment nationwide. We’ll handle the legwork to find the best equipment for the best price to fit your needs and exceed your expectations!

Explaining Electric Booms

An electric boom lift is a piece of battery operated construction equipment that allows you to work in narrow, tight, or hard to reach areas. The articulating arm supports a one person platform or basket and allows your worker to move up and over any obstacles. It maneuvers much better than a boom lift with a straight arm can and is among the most versatile pieces of equipment!

Because these boom lifts are compact and some models are just 48” wide, they can navigate through narrow areas. They also don’t emit harmful exhaust, so are eco-friendly alternatives to gas or diesel powered boom lifts. These features make them perfect for complex indoor jobs.

Electric boom lifts are also a go to for construction companies working on paved outdoor lots and for indoor projects like ceiling work, inventory, or stocking and destocking tall shelving. Because each job and building is unique, you can choose from a range of sizes to ensure you get the exact equipment you need.

Electric Boom Lift Sizes

In order to give you the best bang for your buck, Discount Lift Rentals can help you find the perfect electric boom lift rental just about anywhere in the United States. Here’s a quick look at our most popular options:

Each electric boom lift size has a 500 pound platform capacity. The baskets are large enough to fit one worker, their tools, and a few small, lightweight materials. If your project requires a larger boom lift, our concierge service can source and manage a larger machine for you as well! Just keep in mind that most boom lifts over 45’ will be gas powered instead of electric.

After Discount Lift Rentals helps you determine which size electric boom lift is best for your project, it’s time to learn how to use the equipment.

Using Electric Booms

When you rent an electric boom lift, you bring a versatile and environmentally friendly machine to your jobsite with the added bonus of saving on fuel costs.

Instead of taking money out of your budget to gas up your equipment, you can recharge the machine by plugging it into any outlet with a regular extension cord. Thanks to their large batteries, most of these electric machines can run for at least eight hours. Some of these batteries are about five times the size of a car battery. That means that your crew can put in a full day of work before the electric boom lift needs to be set aside for a recharge. It is important to note that if the lift is not put on the charger at the end of each day, it will be dead the next day.

Electric boom lifts are great for many indoor and outdoor projects. Just be sure that each and every worker follows proper aerial lift safety practices. Here are a few ways that you can help keep your jobsite safe while using an electric boom lift:

  • Read the user manual that comes with your rental equipment and follow the operating procedures in that manual.
  • Make sure that each worker who uses the lift wears a harness in the basket and a hardhat when required.
  • Only drive on flat surfaces like a solid indoor floor or a smooth, level concrete or asphalt outdoor lot. Electric booms have a low ground clearance and no shock absorbers, so they cannot drive on inclines or rough terrain.

Discount Lift Rentals is here to help! In addition to sourcing the ideal rental equipment for your project, our nationwide concierge service can also provide the necessary safety equipment for your rental machinery and your team. We offer plenty of benefits!

Benefits of Electric Booms

Much of the world is working toward reducing carbon emissions, including emissions caused by construction equipment. Battery powered construction equipment is a great place to start reducing your job site’s carbon footprint. Because electric boom lifts don’t burn gasoline, they don’t emit toxic fumes that can be harmful to your workers and the environment. Every day you use an electric boom lift instead of a fuel driven one, you’re doing your part to help the Earth!

Additionally, you can rent an electric boom lift for about the same cost as a gas powered lift. Electric boom lifts can actually save you money since you won’t have to add fuel costs to your budget! Contact Discount Lift Rentals today to find out why a 30’, 40’, or 45’ electric boom lift can be the perfect tool for your project.

Let Discount Lift Rentals Save Your Emissions and Budget

You have enough to worry about at your jobsite. Don’t let your electric boom lift rental be a headache! Our upfront pricing and dedicated Customer Service Team will source the best electric construction equipment at the best price. We’ll even manage the rental for you so you can focus on what’s important: completing your project on time, within budget, and with as small a carbon footprint as possible.

Call us today and give us some information about your boom lift rental needs. We’ll walk you through your options and find the best machine at the best price!

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