Quote prices, Reservation, and what if

Published : December 30, 2020

This blog gives solutions for common problems with your lift rental and answers to frequent questions. 

How long is a quote for my lift rental valid for and under what circumstances is it valid?

  • They are valid for a 30 day period and are valid by availability from the vendor it is quoted for. If you are quoted by our primary yard we use, but the lift you need is not available from that yard. We can search for the lift you need from another yard, but the quote will no longer be valid. We will be subject to different prices from other vendors. 

What happens if the lift is reserved but the lift that the yard was going to send was extended with that customer it is currently with and the lift is no longer available with that yard?

  • We do the footwork and search around instead of customers searching themselves. Sometimes we can get a similar price from other yards, but at this point the customer would be subject to a price change in the lift rental cost. We will always do our best to get close to the original price. Since we are at the mercy of the vendors. So we are not always able to get the same price with other vendors. 

Stay up to date with our question and answer blogs and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a quicker response. We can be reached by phone and email. 

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Email: clients@equipmentgiant.com

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