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Pickup and delivery Q&A

Published : October 21, 2020

Pick up and Delivery!

We are always getting new questions  about what is required to rent lift with us. We’d like to answer as many as possible to clarify how to rent lifts with us. 

Can I pick up the equipment myself?

For liability purposes, we do not currently allow customers to pick up and drop back off the lifts they are renting. We must deliver the lift for you.

Do you deliver on the weekends? 

Pick up and delivery does not happen on the weekends.

What if I need to use the lift on Saturday?

If you need to use the lift on Saturday, we will have to pre deliver the lift for you by end of day on Friday and start the actual rental on Saturday. We will set the delivery for 5PM on Friday and the yard will deliver at a time that is convenient for them. If it is a one day rental, the rental will end Sunday, but will most likely not be picked up until Monday. The only case in which it would be picked up on Sunday would be if they need the lift for a new rental.

Can I extend the rental period? How?

If you need to extend your rental past the original pick up date. Just give us a call , send us an email with your company name and length of time you’d like to extend for. We will look up your rental and can extend it for you for the desired amount of time.

We have so much more information for you! Stay up to date. We can be reached by phone and email. Remember to call us before the weekend so we can schedule your pick up and delivery.

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