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Dirt moving equipment

Published : March 9, 2021
Our company has more than just the normal forklifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts. In addition we rent dirt moving equipment! That means we offer excavator rentals, skid steer rentals, backhoe rentals, and trencher rentals! Did you know that? If not these machines are great for construction, demolition and excavations, landscaping and roadwork.

Excavators: Excavators are typically a go to for most construction sites. Excavators are are often compared to diggers but the difference is they turn a full 360 degrees compared to the 200 a digger can.These are primarily used for landscaping, digging holes and trenches, lifting and placing large objects, and demolishing structures. There are multiple types of attachments that are available for excavators which make all of that possible.

Skid steers: The main use for a skid steer is digging which a similar use that it has in common with other equipment. Yet, unlike the excavator and backhoe rentals skid steers have buckets that face away from the operator. Also they’re great for narrow and small work spaces that bigger equipment wouldn’t be.

Backhoe:A backhoe is also known as a digger! These have front and back buckets and they can rotate right and left about 200 degrees. These are great for people who don’t need to do a full 360 degree turn. You mainly see these used for digging holes, excavation, landscaping, and breaking asphalt (road work).

Trenchers: Trenchers are earthmoving equipment that use a metal chain with teeth. These teeth rip up the ground in a way it will create a trench. These are primarily used for laying pipes or electrical cables. Trenchers also are versatile because they can come as a walking trencher or a riding trencher.

Since you know some about the dirt moving equipment we offer nationwide. Call us we’ll answer any questions you may have about the machine or its multiple attachments you could choose from.

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