Women in Construction

Published : March 2, 2021

So national women’s day is right around the corner. We decided to talk about “women in the construction field”. This has become known as a male dominated industry. Women only make up a total of 10.3% of the construction industry . Today, only 3. 4 % of those women are actually on the job sites. The ratio that is seen most is 1 woman to every 20 men. Here are two women that made a dent in the history of the industry.

Emily Roebling  and the Brooklyn Bridge, Women in construction

In the 1800’s you would think that it was all men but you’d be wrong. Emily Roebling became the first woman field engineer. After her husband had passed away she took the mantle. On May 24th 1883 she saw the completion of the Brooklyn bridge, Which made Emily was the first person to ever walk across the bridge from beginning to end.

Barbara Res  first hard hat female boss lady, women in construction

However It wasn’t until 1979 that Barbara Res was in charge of the construction of Trump Tower. This made her the first female hard-hat boss to be the one to oversee a skyscraper in America from start to finish.

These women are some of the biggest inspirations in the construction industry for other ladies because they had determination and persistence. If you have passion and interest in the construction field. Go for it, you’re going kill it! (in a good way lol)

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