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Published : March 26, 2021

Since we rent all over the country, we get so many questions daily and it seems that often times, our customers have similar questions. We like to address some of our most commonly asked questions here on our blog!

Questions :

  • Where are you located? We have yards all over the country to help service almost any area that you may need a lift. It is very seldom we do not have a yard that can deliver to an area. Please give us a call and we can tell you where our closest yard.
  • Can I talk to that branch? We are actually the main line that you would call to make any reservations with Discount Lift Rentals. We would do all communications with dispatching lifts for your area and relay that information to you.
  • Can we come look at the lifts? We do not allow that at this time.
  • Can you send someone out to tell me what lift i need? We do not offer that service since we are a re-rental company and do not have representatives all over. We can give you our best guess at what kind of lift you would need to get your job done, but are not able to give a concrete recommendation as we are not onsite to see your job.

I hope that the answers to these questions can get you started on your search for a lift rental! If you have any further questions you can always reach out to us to get clarification from our friendly customer service representatives.


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