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Guide to Scissor Lift Rentals

Published : June 8, 2022

If you need reliable machinery that gives you flexible height and working area, start your equipment rental search for scissor lifts with Discount Lift Rentals. A scissor lift provides adequate safety and convenience to get the job done right and can even reduce your labor costs.

Before you punch “equipment rental near me” into your search bar, let our Guide to Scissor Lift Rentals educate you on what these machines do and how to rent the right one. And then give us a call! Our team at Discount Lift Rentals loves to help clients find the best equipment for the best price—and we can walk you step by step through the process. 

What Is a Scissor Lift and What Does it Do? 

Scissor lifts are crucial tools for aerial work at indoor and outdoor job sites. As a customer service–based company offering major rental brands in all fifty states, Discount Lift Rentals can help you find the best scissor lift rental for your project. 

What Is a Scissor Lift? 

A scissor lift is a piece of mechanical equipment that allows you to easily adjust your working height and maneuver from one spot to another. 

Construction teams sometimes rely on boom lifts for aerial work. However, scissor lifts can fit into and maneuver through smaller areas than booms. This makes scissor lifts a great option for indoor projects as well as cramped outdoor jobs. Your crew can get the job done quickly on a scissor lift, saving you money on labor costs. 

Additionally, scissor lift rentals are less expensive than boom lifts. When you add that savings to your increased labor efficiency, a scissor lift from Discount Lift Rentals can really boost your profit margin.

What Does a Scissor Lift Do? 

Scissor lifts are popular equipment rental solutions for many projects. Thanks to their easily adjustable height and maneuverability, they help complete projects more quickly than ladders or scaffolding. 

If you’re looking for affordable equipment rental to get the job done right, start with a scissor lift. You can rent one for an economical price. And since scissor lifts can increase your workers’ efficiency, you’ll increase productivity at the job site. 

Common Uses for Scissor Lifts 

Many job sites use scissor lifts. Regardless of whether your project is indoors or outdoors, a  scissor lift rental can help you get the job done safely and efficiently. 

Scissor Lift Rentals for Indoor Use 

Scissor lifts are commonly used inside buildings with tall ceilings. Many professionals use scissor lifts indoors: 

  • Electricians install or swap out ceiling light fixtures, wires, and data cables.
  • Plumbers install or service ceiling sprinkler systems. 
  • Workers perform inventory inside large warehouses where scissor lifts are more time- and cost-efficient than pulling each pallet down from racking.
  • Any job that requires heights taller than ladders, safety, and in narrow or cramped areas too cumbersome for larger boom or articulating lifts.  

Because they don’t take up much room, scissor lifts are great for indoor use. However, they’re also invaluable for many types of outdoor projects. 

Scissor Lift Rentals for Outdoor Use 

Some construction teams use boom lifts for aerial work. However, the height and maneuverability that scissor lifts provide make short work of many outdoor projects. Workers can drive a scissor lift into a facility under construction to install the ceiling, or through a parking lot to change outdoor light bulbs. 

Scissor Lifts for Increased Safety 

Safety is the top priority on every job site. Scissor lifts are more stable than ladders and allow the laborers to work straight above themselves instead of reaching or leaning to one side. And while each worker needs to climb up and down scaffolding and risk slipping, scissor lifts allow them to gently increase or decrease their working height with the workers safely in the lift’s basket. 

What Type or Size of Scissor Lift Do You Need?

You have options when it comes to scissor lift equipment rental. Ask yourself a few questions to determine the type and size lift you need: 

  • How many people need to work in the lift? 
  • Will the workers have heavy equipment on the lift with them? 
  • How high up is the job you need to perform?

When you search for “equipment rental near me,” be sure to have answers to these questions. Your search will be much easier if you know the type of lift you need to rent! 

What Size of Scissor Lift Do You Need? 

To determine your deck size, consider how many people will need to be on the lift at one time, plus the size and weight of any equipment they’ll need on the lift with them. If you need two workers on the lift with large equipment, rent a scissor lift with a wide deck. 

It’s also important to keep in mind the area the lift will maneuver through. Scissor lift rentals are available in a variety of widths. If you’ll need to drive it through tight spaces, a narrow lift is best. 

What Height of Scissor Lift Do You Need? 

The scissor lift height your equipment rental company lists is working height—not platform height. Working height is basically the deck height plus the average human height. For example, Discount Lift Rentals assumes that each worker will be five feet tall with a one-foot reach over their head. 

Scissor lift rental companies generally offer lifts from nineteen to forty feet tall. Just be sure to communicate your job needs clearly to Discount Lift Rentals’s customer service team so we can provide you with the best lift for your project. 

What Scissor Lift Safety Measures Must Be Considered? 

Scissor lifts are heavy-duty equipment that must be operated with care. Working with scissor lifts can be hazardous if you don’t understand how to operate them, or if your workers aren’t cautious. 

Scissor lifts are not road-safe vehicles. Electric models only have a one- or two-inch ground clearance and shouldn’t be used on gravel or soft dirt. They must be driven on a flat, level surface like concrete or similar hard material. Be sure to use the lift’s easy maneuverability and put yourself in a good spot to work. Always work straight up—never lean over the basket, as this can create a falling hazard. 

Smart Scissor Lift Equipment Rentals 

Don’t just search for equipment rental near you—search for the best equipment rental near you. Some vendors might advertise low prices and then tack on hidden fees like fuel and taxes to your final bill. The team at Discount Lift Rentals understands that each project is unique. We spend time making sure each client gets the right machine for the right job for the best price. We pride ourselves on being a concierge service that happens to offer equipment rental. We’ll help you place your order in minutes. Instead of poring through websites looking for the right scissor lift, just call us and we’ll help arrange a delivery near you!

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