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A Guide to Excavator Rentals

Published : September 26, 2022

When you think of an excavator, you might imagine large-scale commercial construction projects. Although these machines are great for big jobs, using an excavator has also become common in smaller projects. From digging foundations to performing demolitions, the proper machine size and excavator attachments can help you complete your project quickly and within budget.

You can now find an excavator for rent in a wide range of sizes to fit your project’s needs. If you’re looking for a versatile digging machine to make your project a breeze, let Discount Lift Rentals source and manage it for you!

Excavators Explained

An excavator is a large piece of machinery used to dig trenches or holes. It has an enclosed cab for the excavator operator to safely control the cab position, boom, arm, and excavator bucket. The boom and the arm are controlled by hydraulic cylinders, and the cab rotates on the vehicle’s tracks so the operator can position the machine exactly where it needs to be—even on rough or uneven terrain.

Excavator digging makes quick work of any job requiring a trench or hole. They’re typically used for a variety of projects, including:

  • Digging a foundation for a new building
  • Creating a trench for new piping, or allowing access to old piping that must be replaced
  • Removing dirt or debris in landscaping
  • Demolishing structures that need to be torn down

Since excavators are strong enough to go through almost any material aside from solid rock, they’re helpful for all sorts of projects. Fortunately, Discount Lift Rentals offers a wide range of excavator sizes and attachments! Instead of scouring the internet for machinery rentals and hoping to find a good deal, give us a call at 855-628-1629. Our white-glove concierge service will set you up with the best rental excavator at the best price.


Finding the right excavator for rent means determining what size machine you need. Since excavators are available from 3-ton to 31-ton options, you have plenty to choose from!

Discount Lift Rentals makes the rental process easy. Just tell us about your project, and we’ll determine whether you need a mini excavator that’s nine tons or less or a normal excavator in a higher weight class. Not sure what size you need? Give us a call; we are here to help. Here’s a look at some of the excavators we can have delivered to your job site:

The bigger the excavator, the more quickly you’ll be able to move dirt, debris, and other material. You also have options on the excavator bucket size. Buckets usually come between 12″ and 72″ widths, depending on the machine’s size and your project’s needs.

If digging is only one of the tasks you need your excavator to complete, we have good news: Discount Lift Rentals can set you up with a variety of other excavator attachments!


Digging is just one of the machine’s many uses. As one of the most versatile pieces of rental construction equipment available, excavators come with different attachments so one machine can handle multiple tasks. Here are a few of the excavator attachments available through Discount Lift Rentals:

  • Wide variety of excavator bucket sizes, including 12″, 24″, and 72″
  • Grapple attachment that can pick up and move debris or materials
  • Jackhammer attachment to break through hard surfaces like concrete
  • Auger attachment to bore a hole into the earth

Discount Lift Rentals proudly provides white-glove service to ensure that you get the exact excavator and attachments that you need. Contact us today to learn how our machinery rentals can help your project succeed!

Choosing an Excavator

When choosing an excavator for rent, there are a few questions you’ll need to answer:

  • How big is your work area?
  • How deep do you need to dig or drill?
  • What type of material will you be moving, and how heavy is it?
  • What size of excavator do you feel comfortable using?

Not sure what questions you need answers to? Call Discount Lift Rentals at 855-628-1629. Our friendly concierge service will walk you through all the information we need to get you the best machine.

Another thing to consider when choosing an excavator for rent is your rental timeline. While many jobs only require one or two days, we also recommend our weekly rental options. This helps prevent you from rushing through your project—and can even save you money! Our pricing saves our customers up to 47 percent on a weekly rental and up to 67 percent on a four-week rental.

Don’t waste time searching for “machinery rentals near me.” Call Discount Lift Rentals and tell us about your project. We’ll help you choose the right equipment rental every time.


Before you order an excavator for rent, you’ll need to know how to operate it. The excavator operator should understand proper digging regulations, including:

  • How steep an incline they can safely drive on
  • Maximum bucket load capacity
  • Proper arm position to keep the machine from tipping

Make sure that each excavator operator using the machine at your job site thoroughly reads and understands the user manual that accompanies your rental equipment. If you have any questions at all, remember: Discount Lift Rentals is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Let us know if you have any questions about your rental equipment or its safety!

How to Rent the Right Excavator for You

Discount Lift Rentals doesn’t just provide the best equipment rental near you. We also handle the machinery pickup and delivery nationwide. Our white-glove concierge service provides transparent pricing, including discounts on weekly and four-week rates. We are your partners in construction equipment rental. All we need to get started is a little information about your project.

There’s no need to navigate through a website alone to find the best equipment for your project. Just fill out our online form to start the equipment rental process. If you still have questions, just call us!  We’ll help you choose the excavator rental that fits your needs, meets your standards, and exceeds your expectations.

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