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Telehandler Equipment Rental

Published : September 7, 2022

Whether you call it a telehandler, a reach forklift, or a booming forklift, chances are you’ve worked with one of these machines on a construction project. In fact, telehandlers are used on most outdoor construction sites.

Basically, a telehandler is a big forklift with a strong booming arm that can handle a lot more weight than a warehouse forklift and lets you place heavy building materials exactly where you need them. These lifts are classified by the weight they can accommodate. For example, a 5k telehandler can lift up to 5,000 pounds, and they’re available all the way up to a 15k model.

Since telehandlers are designed and built to extend their reach without teetering, they’re perfect for placing weighty pallets, steel beams, and other construction materials inside upper story windows or atop a roof. In other words, telehandlers offer both the strength and the precision you need on your jobsite. Their versatility makes them among the most important equipment rental components throughout the construction industry.

If you’re not sure whether a telehandler is the right machine for your project, just call Discount Lift Rentals. We’ll help you determine what you need, source, and manage the equipment rental for you.

Why Do You Need a Telehandler Rental? 

As you know, construction projects are built around intricate schedules and tight deadlines. If a builder runs behind, they delay the electrician, painter, and everyone else involved with the job. The bottom line is, lost time on your project is lost money on your job. And because building material prices are increasing 19% year over year, every dime counts.

Fortunately, telehandlers quickly and efficiently unload heavy objects and place them precisely where they’re needed. In many cases, telehandlers save time and money over renting a regular forklift and crane to unload and then place the materials. These savings are just two examples of telehandlers’ strengths.

Strengths of Telehandlers 

Unlike some equipment rental options, telehandlers are stable on rough terrain. Their large tires and engines drive heavy building materials wherever you need them across your worksite. And the booming arm allows the driver to lift, lower, extend, and retract materials and place them with incredible accuracy.

Additionally, warehouse forklifts can teeter with too much weight or height. However, telehandlers stand strong for their entire weight capacity, lift reach, and horizontal reach. If there’s a big job to be done, a telehandler can do it.

Telehandler Brands

You have choices when it comes to the right telehandler for your unique project. The 5k telehandler is one of the most popular rentals. However, depending on your needs, it might be worth checking out the 6k telehandler specs to see which suits you better.

In addition to the machine’s size, there are also a few different brands to choose from. So, which is best for your construction job?

Telehandler Brands Offered by Discount Lift Rentals

As a national concierge service dedicated to helping each customer find the best equipment rental for the best price, Discount Lift Rentals offers the major telehandler brands. And since we work across the United States, we can set up and manage your equipment rental wherever you work.

Here’s a look at the top telehandler manufacturers:

  • Genie. You’ve heard of a “Genie Lift,” which often refers to a scissor lift or a boom lift. This manufacturer also produces telehandlers, and they’re available from 5,500 pound capacity all the way to 15,000 pounds. The Genie 5k telehandler is one of our most popular equipment rentals.
  • Skyjack. Another name synonymous with construction lifts, Skyjack offers versatile telehandlers starting at 5,500 pound capacity.
  • Skytrak. As a big force in the construction industry, Skytrak produces machinery similar to the Cat 6k Telehandler.
  • Xtreme. If you have a huge project coming up, check out Xtreme’s 12,000 pound and 15,000 pound capacity telehandlers.

Each size and brand of telehandler has its own pros and cons. And that’s where Discount Lift Rentals can help! Just tell us about your project: the building materials you’re using, the size of your jobsite, and your height requirements. Our customer service team will set you up with the best telehandler rental to help you execute a smooth, safe, and cost efficient project!

What Are the Capabilities of 5k and 6k Telehandlers? 

On most construction sites, a 5k or 6k telehandler offers the perfect strength, lift height, and horizontal reach. The 5519 telehandler is the smallest available model with a 5,500-pound lift capacity, 19’ lift height, and over 11’ of horizontal reach.

The next size up is the 6k telehandler. Although capacity varies by brand, here are the basic Skyjack, Skytrak, and Genie 6k telehandler specs:

  • 6,000 pound lift capacity
  • Up to 43’ 4” lift height
  • Up to 28’7” horizontal reach

Each telehandler manufacturer produces their machinery a little bit differently. Once you tell us about your unique job, we’ll identify which capabilities and unique features your telehandler needs to have.

What Are the Unique Features of 5k and 6k Telehandlers? 

Telehandlers are unique equipment rental options for many reasons. The 5k and 6k models are the most popular, and here are a few unique features they offer:

  • They don’t teeter or tip like a standard forklift.
  • Where the forks on a warehouse/industrial forklift just go straight up and down, a telehandler uses forks at the end of a long boom. The operator can lift, lower, extend, and retract the forks to pick up or set down heavy objects just about anywhere on your job site.
  • Thanks to the stability and precision that a 5k or 6k telehandler’s booming arm provides, your laborers can work on the material as the telehandler holds it. For instance, a telehandler can lift and hold a steel beam with such accuracy that the workers can place the bolts through the beam while the telehandler supports all the weight.

Although 5k and 6k telehandlers are the most common telehandler types used on construction sites across the country, keep in mind that larger equipment exists for larger projects. If you have a particularly big undertaking, our team can help you find a telehandler up to 15k.

The Best Telehandler Equipment Rental Is a Phone Call Away

It’s easy to search for “equipment rental near me” and click on the first website that pops up. However, not all equipment rental companies are created equal.

Discount Lift Rentals isn’t a run-of-the-mill company. We’re a customer centric concierge and equipment management service. You don’t have time to waste searching for the rental equipment you need for your next project. So let us do the legwork! We’re experts in telehandler equipment rentals, and we’re happy to give you the benefit of that expertise.

We are a proud family owned business that guarantees transparent pricing. And we can’t wait to find the perfect equipment that will help your next job succeed. Just contact us with some information about your project and leave the rest to us!

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