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What makes us different!

Published : April 15, 2021
Every rental company has it’s differences and this week’s blog is going to describe the differences between ours and others. Although our rental company is similar to others, there are some things that set us apart. Such as our customer service and how many yards we have access to renting lifts from.

Some companies offer to rent lifts with a credit account so that you can make payments on your rental in intervals. We are a small company, so we are not able to offer that option. Since we are not able to do that, we work with Blue Tarp Financial (BTF). BTF is a company who handles financing and payments. We can send you an invitation to apply and if you are approved, we can charge for your rental through BTF. Then you can make payments according to the terms set with them. We are a completely online based company, so we do require the full amount of the rental to be paid with a credit card or debit card before the lift is sent out to you. This means we are not able to accept checks. All you have to do is tell us what option you’re interested in.

Since we are a re-rental company, we have many more resources than just one single yard. You can call us and let us know what kind of lift you need and we do all the heavy lifting. We will always try to use our best priced yard first to help you save as much as possible on your rental. However, sometimes that yard is not in your area or does not have one available. So we will put in the work and search for the lift you need from another yard that we partner with. We have great rates with certain companies because we rent with them so much. Which is how we are able to offer such good rates to our customers! Leave all the hard work to us while you sit, back, relax, and wait for your lift to arrive!

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