How do i know which lift rental will work for me and my project?

Published : December 17, 2020

Do you have Christmas lights or decorations to put up or taken down? Sometimes using a lift can make this job much easier! If you think you can benefit by using one, give us a call! Here are some things to consider if you are a homeowner without experience and you want to use a lift. 

What kind of lift rental do I need? 

We are able to give our best guess based on what you tell us about the land you will be using the lift on, but can not give you a definitive answer as we are not on site. 

What info would you need to give your best guess for what we need? 

We would need to know all about your job site in such as what kind of terrain you will use the lift on (grass, gravel, dirt or flat, concrete-like surface) order to make our best educated guess. 

Can someone come to my house/job site to tell me what kind of lift I need? 

We do not have the ability to do that at this time. Getting to know what lift you should can be kind of hard but a big tip is an electric lift rental can not go on grass or dirt!

Stay up to date with our question and answer blogs and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a quicker response. We can be reached by phone and email. 

Phone: 4072875940



Email: clients@equipmentgiant.com

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