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Forklifts to Rent

Published : September 7, 2022

There are a lot of different kinds of forklifts available no matter the location or the size of your project. From warehouse forklifts with forks that go straight up and down vertically to telehandlers with telescopic arms that go up and out, you can move and lift large pallets and objects and even the heaviest materials. However, not all job sites require machines with a high lift capacity. 

If you have a project that requires you to move materials around, a forklift rental could be the best solution, and Discount Lift Rentals will provide any type of forklift you need! 

What Is a Forklift? 

To start, a forklift is a machine that you drive and has two forks at the end of an arm or on a track that goes up and down. There are warehouse forklifts, industrial forklifts, and reach forklifts (telehandlers). The forks on the lift are used to lift various types of objects such as pallets, crates, or other materials. While some lifts will move people and their tools both horizontally and vertically, a forklift is used solely to move materials. A warehouse or industrial forklift mast can only travel vertically, though the vehicle itself is able to drive the materials anywhere in your warehouse. These types of forklifts are mostly used indoors due to their low ground clearance and the type of tires they have. The tires are only to be used on a flat surface such as concrete or asphalt. If it were to be driven on any kind of dirt, grass, or gravel, it would get stuck and would need to be towed back to flat ground.

Standard warehouse forklifts can generally lift anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 pounds and have a lift height of about 15 feet. This is perfect for day-to-day warehouse use and stocking merchandise in many warehouses and storage facilities. However, if you have larger material loads or require oversize items to be moved from one location to the other, Discount Lift Rentals can provide forklifts that can handle up to 28,000 pounds and lift around 50 feet in the air.

Telehandlers are a type of forklift with a booming arm with forks on the end. They are able to reach up and out to reach over different obstacles. Instead of using one of these inside like a warehouse forklift, it would be used outside on all types of terrain. Because this kind of forklift is more versatile, it would be able to be used for many other applications. This would include anything from lifting large panes of glass or granite for home renovations or reaching up and over hedges to put roofing shingles on the roof. 

How to Choose a Forklift to Rent

There are a range of forklift sizes, lift capacity, lift height, and fork length. When you are choosing which forklift you should use for your project, it is important to consider the weight and size of the loads you need to lift, the terrain you are working on, and how high up you need to move them. You should also take into consideration how you need to move the load. Questions you should be asking yourself include, “Are there obstacles preventing me from getting right up to the object I need to pick up? Do I need to reach over something to place the load where I need it? Will I be indoors or outdoors? What kind of terrain will I need to use the lift on?”

While warehouse forklifts are mainly used indoors, there are also rough terrain forklifts that are more suitable for outdoor use on grass, gravel, or dirt terrain which are called telehandlers. It is not recommended to use a telehandler inside because those types of forklifts are either gas or diesel powered, and the emissions would be harmful to the operator and anyone else in the building, plus these are much larger in size. It is also important to note that telehandlers cost more to rent, so if the renter is on a flat surface and does not need to reach out with the forks, it is more cost efficient to rent a warehouse forklift. 

The larger and greater the lift capacity of the machine, the more expensive it will cost to rent. Discount Lift Rentals understands that sticking to your budget is important and will find the right lift for the job and with the best price possible. Keep in mind that the cost of your forklift rental shouldn’t be your biggest concern. Renting the wrong lift for a lower cost can actually cost you a lot more in the long run. You will waste time and possibly have to rent the more expensive lift you were trying to avoid paying for in the first place. However, the right lift for your job will help you complete your project quickly, safely, and efficiently. 

Using a Forklift Safely 

It is, of course, always important to follow the rules of safe forklift operation. Each lift will come with a user manual, so be sure that each forklift operator reads and understands the safety guidelines and operational procedures. Although each forklift is unique, here are a few standard procedures for using a forklift safely: 

  • Each forklift driver should be certified to operate the forklift you choose to rent. Different types of forklifts might require specific lift training or certification. 
  • Many forklifts allow the operator to change the distance between the forks. Check the width between the forks and make sure it lines up with the load you’re lifting. 
  • Clip on the seatbelt and ensure that the controls are working well. 
  • Make sure that each load that the forklift handles is within the weight limitations. If the load is too heavy, the forklift could teeter, especially when you’re lifting the load up high. When this happens, it’s a hazard to the forklift operator as well as anyone in the surrounding area, so be extremely cautious! 
  • Only raise the load when you need to—never drive the forklift with a raised load. Driving with the material raised not only interferes with your line of sight, it also throws the forklift’s balance off. Lower the load as close as possible to the ground when the vehicle is driving. 

These are heavy vehicles, so the forklift operator must be aware of their surroundings at all times. Think of driving a car, just inside a warehouse and carrying thousands of pounds of materials! Make sure you can see over the load the lift is carrying—and if you can’t, drive in reverse. 

Remember: safety first! 

Renting a Forklift

Discount Lift Rentals prides ourselves on finding the best forklifts for each customer’s unique needs at the best price. We serve the entire United States, though we focus on the continental states. Here are a few of the forklift sizes and forklift types available through our equipment rental program: 

Warehouse Forklifts

  • 5,000 pound capacity with 15’ mast height and 48” or 72” fork length
  • 6,000 pound capacity with 16’ mast height and 48” or 72” fork length
  • 8,000 pound capacity with 13’ mast height and 48” or 72” fork length
  • 13,3000 pound capacity with 12’ mast height and 96” fork length
  • 28,000 pound capacity with 18’ mast height and 96” fork length


  • 5,000 pound capacity with 19’ outward reach and 48” or 72” fork length
  • 6,000 pound capacity with 36’ or 42’ outward reach and 48” or 72” fork length
  • 8,000 pound capacity with 42’ outward reach and 48” or 72” fork length
  • 10,000 pound capacity with 45’ or 54’ outward reach and 48” or 72” fork length
  • 12,000 pound capacity with 54’ outward reach and 48” or 72” fork length
  • 15,000 pound capacity with 34’ outward reach and 48” or 72” fork length
  • 20,000 pound capacity with 45’ outward reach and 48” or 72” fork length

All warehouse forklifts are equipped with straight masts that can lift materials vertically. Keep in mind that the higher the weight capacity, the larger the actual lift will be. For example, the 5,000 forklifts are an easily manageable size at about 8’8”L x 48”W without the forks on the front. The 28,000 capacity forklifts are much larger: about 14’8”L x 97”W without the forks. When choosing a size, remember to consider where it will be stored when it is idle. 

Keep in mind that we’re here to help! Just provide us with some basic information about your project, including location, load weight, height requirements, and timeline. Our team will be your personal rental equipment concierge. We’ll find the absolute best tools for your project and help you save money in the long run. 

Discount Lift Rentals Makes Forklift Rental Easy

With so many forklift sizes and capacities, sourcing the right one can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, Discount Lift Rentals has already done the research for you! 

We are a family owned business that focuses on our customers’ needs. Your project deserves the time and attention required to find the right rental equipment for your project, and we’re here to deliver! We provide forklift rental service across the United States with 100% upfront pricing. What you see is what you pay—rental, taxes, and delivery fees are already included. Once you place your order, we’ll manage the rest of the project on your behalf so you don’t incur additional fees. To get started, just contact us with the details of your project. Once we find the best forklift rental for your job in your geographical area, we’ll manage the rental process so you don’t have to. We’re not just a rental concierge service—we’re a partner dedicated to helping you succeed.

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