Electric lift rental Q&A

Published : April 6, 2021
We get a lot of questions every day about lift rentals and some of their uses. If you don’t know a lot about lifts, it can get a bit confusing sometimes. In this week’s blog, We will address some of those questions to help you get a better idea of what you may need to use.
  • Can I use an electric scissor on the grass?
    • No, An electric scissor must be used on a flat surface with little to no incline. The reason for this is because of the ground clearance beneath the machine, which is only 3.7 inches.
  • Can I bring a 19′ scissor inside?
    • Electric scissors can be used inside of a building since they are electric. The only time an electric scissor would not be optimal for an inside job is if the work needs to be used inside of a house. Usually houses have a step that the lift will need to go over and it is not usually able to go over a step without a ramp. In this case, it would most likely be better to use a push around single personnel lift.
  • Can you drive the lift into the building for us?
    • We can’t deliver lifts inside the building for liability purposes. The customer is responsible for bringing the lift inside the building or work space. This also goes for bringing the lift outside of the building when finished so our drivers can come pick up the lift rental.
  • The lift is stuck in the mud. Can you come tow it out?
    • For liability purposes, we are not able to tow out the lift. The customer would be responsible for pulling the lift out and if there is any damage to the lift in the process, the customer would also be responsible for the cost of repair on the lift.

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