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Published : January 20, 2021

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As you may know we offer electric and fueled booms. However, knowing when and where to the use either type of lift is important to do your job correctly. Electric lifts are used for inside or if outside on flat surfaces. However, Fueled lifts are used on grass, dirt, and more of the rough terrains.

The electric lifts we carry are scissor lifts and articulated booms. It’s important to know the dimensions of the entrance you’ll have to bring this through so you don’t have any complications. These are normally the smaller sizes of lifts. The various sizes of electric articulating lifts are 30’, 38’, 40’, 45’, and 60’. Then moving on to our scissor lift rentals that come in 19′,26′,32′,40′.

Our fueled booms that we offer are scissor lifts, straight booms, and more. Knowing that you’ll be outside on grass or a rougher terrain means that the fueled lift rentals are whats going to fit best for you! Some of the sizes we have for straight booms are 40′,46′,60′,66′, 80′,86′, 126′, 135′, 150′, and 180′! The articulated booms come in similar sizes besides the 180′

If you need to figure out what lift is going to work best for you check out our website or just give us call and we’ll try to help you! 

Phone: 4072875940

Email: clients@equipmentgiant.com

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