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A Guide to Boom Lift Rentals

Published : March 14, 2022

If you need an aerial lift equipment rental, you may be wondering what type of lift to get. Choosing the right boom lift is easy when you understand the basic types of boom lifts and their strengths. 

Boom lifts are designed to help you reach elevated spaces, but you still want to choose the right one for the job. Problems may arise when an aerial lift is stretched beyond its capacity. Renting the appropriate aerial lift from Discount Lift Rentals allows your project to run smoothly and safely. Learn more about the Boom Lift rental process and important information below.

What Is a Boom Lift, and What Does It Do?

A boom lift is an aerial lift enabling workers to access hard-to-reach places both indoors and outdoors. A boom lift may be two- or four-wheel drive and could be powered by gas, diesel, electric, or hybrid power, such as these electric boom lifts

Boom lift rentals come in various sizes with capabilities to accommodate many uses.

What Does a Boom Lift Do?

A boom lift provides secure access to high spaces. They are safer to work from than a nonmechanical ladder.

In addition, basic boom lifts have a small platform, or “bucket,” where workers stand. A sturdy hydraulic arm connects the platform to a stable base. Boom lift equipment rentals offer both vertical and horizontal movement. 

Telescopic boom lifts and articulating boom lifts are two popular types of boom lifts in equipment rentals. And because they can reach out as well as up, these two boom lifts differ from a scissor lift. 

What Is a Telescopic Boom Lift?

A telescoping boom lift, also known as a “stick boom” or “straight boom,” has a straight arm that expands like a telescope. The straight arm is sturdy and useful for projects requiring heavy weight capacity. The straight arm also allows the lift to be parked farther away from the workplace, which is why these boom lifts are often used to work on bridges and overpasses.

What Is an Articulating Boom Lift?

An articulating boom lift, also known as a “knuckle boom,” has bendable sections for navigating tight spaces and obstacles. The knuckle allows the arm to be positioned in a Z shape, giving the operator plenty of maneuverability from a lift parked quite close to the structure being worked on. After all, working around lines, wires, and pipes is a fairly common task on a construction site. They also give a better up and over reach as well.  

Common Uses for Boom Lifts

On a construction site, boom lifts are used for a variety of tasks. Whether they are lifting workers or materials, boom lifts are essential in reaching elevated spaces. Besides new construction, boom lifts are also commonly used in warehouse management, building maintenance and repair, and other industrial tasks. Highly used in the film industry to hold cameras, lights and more.

Boom Lift Rentals for Indoor Use

Boom lifts help with many indoor tasks. Articulating boom lifts in particular provide maneuverability inside large buildings like factories or warehouses. Inside these places, boom lifts are often used by steel erection, plumbers, electricians, welders, HVAC workers security and data during both the initial construction phase and later for any needed repairs.

Boom Lift Rentals for Outdoor Use

Versatility prompts widespread outdoor boom lift use. Boom lifts are common features of the construction site, where they are used to lift workers and lighter building materials to elevated floors so they can finish a building’s exterior. Painters, masons, and window installers are just some of the workers who take advantage of a boom lift’s capabilities.

For larger-scale outdoor projects, boom lifts provide not only height but also added toughness. Certain boom lifts are designed with tracks instead of wheels to handle uneven terrain. Cell tower and wind generators construction and repair.  Large football stadiums use booms up to 180’.

Boom Lifts for Increased Safety and Reduce Time

Although tackling certain jobs without a boom lift is tempting, boom lifts are safer than unsteady ladders or manual climbing. Savvy contractors choose a boom lift when facing heights because it improves productivity and reduces unnecessary danger.  A boom will save you money by speeding up the job.  Having all your tools and personnel in a safe drivable boom lift makes the job easier to finish ahead of time with increased safety.

What Type of Boom Lift Do I Need?

When considering an aerial lift equipment rental, first make a thorough assessment of the project needs and operating environment. Consider the height, location, and terrain to determine appropriate elevation, space, maneuverability, stability, technology, and scalability needs in a boom lift.

What Size and Height Boom Lift Do I Need?

Height is the most important consideration in aerial lift rentals. If your project only requires a vertical reach of  forty feet, a scissor lift rental may meet your needs. However, if your project requires elevation above forty  feet, a boom lift is ideal. 

Telescoping boom lifts often reach further than articulating boom lifts. Some telescoping boom lifts exceed 180 feet, such as this 185-foot straight boom lift. Articulating boom lifts also provide significant height while accounting for rough terrain like this 125-foot articulating boom lift rental.

Finally, make sure your boom lift meets space restrictions. The size of the boom lift base is crucial. For example, this 30-foot electric articulating boom lift has a small base for easy movement in tight spaces, but it is designed for flat surfaces, not rough terrain. 

Do I Need a Telescoping Boom Lift or an Articulating Boom Lift?

The height of your project rarely dictates your choice between a telescoping or articulating boom lift. If you need to reach above and over tight areas, you’ll most likely rent an articulating model. 

The extra bend of an articulating boom helps you get up and over or in tight areas. 

However, average outdoor boom lift use, not to mention indoor use, does not require that much height. For tighter indoor spaces, an articulating boom lift is often best. 

Along with height considerations, base your decision on the need for maneuverability (articulating boom lift) versus a longer reach with more weight-bearing capacity (telescoping boom lift). 

What Boom Lift Safety Measures Must Be Considered?

Boom lift safety is a serious issue, especially when dealing with extreme heights. Choosing the right boom lift and operating it properly mitigate many safety concerns. Make sure the boom lift is designed for your terrain. Don’t try to stretch it beyond its capacity. 

Telescoping or straight boom lifts can handle the greatest workloads. On the other hand, an articulating boom lift can lift around obstacles. Regardless, you need a clear understanding of the task you want to accomplish and where the boom lift will be situated before considering renting a lift.

Other factors are basket size and width of the machine need to be factored in when picking the best boom lift to rent for your project.

Even if you’re not sure which lift is best for your worksite, a Discount Lift Rental service rep can assist you.

Smart Boom Lift Equipment Rental

If you’re looking for boom lift equipment rental near you, Discount Lift Rentals is the source for high-quality equipment. We offer a variety of boom lift rentals, from high-reaching telescoping booms to maneuverable articulating boom lifts. If you simply need a little height, we also rent scissor lifts. 

Discount Lift Rentals is a family-owned and operated company and the foremost internet-based nationwide equipment rental company. If you have questions about the right aerial lift rental for your project, contact us at 855-307-0149 or visit our Boom Lift page. 

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