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Get your local delivered manlift rentals today.  Manlift Rentals near you.

Do you need a pushable or a drivable straight mast manlift?

Discount Lift Rentals delivers manlifts to your job site location.  The push around manlifts have outriggers and are perfect for most terrains.  The drivable manlifts must be on concrete or asphalt.  Manlifts or straight mast lifts are perfect for indoor use in tight areas.  The smaller baskets will often go through T-bar ceilings.  They have been nicknamed T-bar lifts for that very reason.  They come in A/C and D/C versions.  The A/C versions are available for sale and the D/C versions are used in our rental fleet.

If you need to hang something, run wire, change light bulbs or more the manlift is a great rental for you.  if you are concerned for your floor the pushable manlift is the machine for you.  They range from 677 lbs to 1130lbs and the ground bearing pressure is spread over the four outrigger pads.  You can add plywood to give your floor extra protection.

Working on the tenth floor the manlift will fit in most elevators.  They range from 12′ to 40′ and can be used for any single man job.

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