6K Forklift

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1 Day

Additional fees apply.

1 Week - Save 32%

$510 Regular Price $750
Additional fees apply.

4 Weeks - Save 56%

$1310 Regular Price $3000
Additional fees apply.
**Rates are Base Rate - Additional fees apply.
Rental rates may vary depending on location.


The 6k forklift is mainly for indoor use and has the primary responsibilities of loading and unloading materials and products to and from storage spaces and loading docks. The 6k forklift is the 2nd to smallest of the warehouse forklifts we offer. Warehouse forklifts do come in a large range of sizes which are listed on our website for you to decide from.

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Hyster Details

Product Overview

Make / Brand:
Model Type:
Equipment Type:
ForkLift Rental
Terrain Type:
Fork Type:
Straight Mast Lift

Product Features

Lift Height :
Lift Capacity :
6,000 LBS
Fork Length :
48" or 72"
Dimensions (without forks) :
8' 7"L X 46"W
Stowed Height :
Machine Weight (with forks) :
10,750 LBS