1750LB Skid Steer

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Our 1750lb skid loader rentals are versatile pieces of construction equipment used primarily for excavating (digging).These machines are light and maneuverable with arms that can attach to a range of tools for various construction and landscaping jobs. These skid steers will either have four wheels or two tracks. Turning the machine requires the operator to increase the speed of the wheels on one side of the machine causing it to skid or drag as the machine rotates in an opposite direction. Get great rates on our 1500lb skid loader rentals today!

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John Deere Details

Product Overview

John Deere
Model type:
Equipment Type:
Skid Steer Rental
Terrain Type:
Rough Terrain

Product Features

Horsepower :
Lift Capacity :
Loader Capacity :
1/2 Yard
Dimensions (with bucket) :
10' 6"L X 64"W
Cab Height :
6' 4"
Dump Height :
29' 0"
Wheel/Track :